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Alligator Skin

If you are someone like me with chronic dry flakey skin, the imminent approach of dry wintery days makes keeping skin hydrated and supple a full time job.  Once the temperature and humidity drop my normal human skin begins to resemble something found on a reptile.  My friends and family affectionately call me “Alligator Skin” but I would much prefer to see it on a belt or handbag! Even when I was younger dry skin plagued me.  I didn’t always complain because the tradeoff meant my facial complexion usually was pimple free, but my dry condition showed up way beyond my face.  Now I know the reason for dry skin is a sluggish skin barrier that’s depleted of natural lipids. Each winter season, I battle my parched scaly skin with a full court press from the inside out.  First off I up my intake of water - you will never see me without a water bottle close by all day long.  I try my best to eat foods rich in essential fatty acids like salmon, nuts, flaxseed and I sprinkle olive oil on whatever I’m eating.  I also take a multivitamin daily. When it comes to bathing, I dial the temperature down a few notches cooler because extreme hot water can dry out skin further.  As soon as I jump out of the shower, within the first 30 seconds I slather a rich emollient cream from head to toe.  If you moisturize immediately after bathing you are able to lock in the water on the surface of your skin and you will notice a difference right away.  Once a week I make a sea salt and olive oil body scrub and apply in circular motion all over before I start the shower.  This helps remove dry skin patches that are preventing external moisture from absorbing into the body and eliminates the dry whiteness from dead skin cells that just makes skin look drier than it actually is.  A bonus is the residual olive oil gives my skin that beautiful sheen I so desperately miss from summer. Even though winter is not my favorite season I found a few extra steps each day add up and my skin thanks me for it! Francine Krenicki is Vice President of Product Development at Skinfix, Inc.

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