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Being Outnumbered by the Kids

Having many conversations over the years with my wife, and now being three kids deep, we thought that we were so freaking busy before kids. To be honest, we had so much free time that we wasted most of it. Oh what I would give for a “wake up because I am rested morning.” But enough about what I want - back to reality. One: When you are blessed with one child, even though it is your first and most of the time you are just winging it, you as a couple are fine. There is always at least someone who can watch the child while the other is fulfilling the responsibilities of being parents. You have so much love for your little focus of attention that you could never imagine that you could have any more love for another…until you have another. Two: Parental love seems to just exponentially expand, even though you may doubt that you have room in your heart for another little human. So if you are blessed with having two children then you are now a little less on offense and a bit more on defense. Each parent can watch at least one child and everyone in the household has the ability to keep track with the new one child to one parent ratio even though the old odds of 2:1 worked a little bit better. It is still crazy, but can quickly become quite comfortable. The world seems to “work” for a family of four. Family passes are easily calculated with two adults and two kids. Transportation is easy because most vehicles can easily accommodate two adults, two car seats and all of the associated “stuff” that two kids bring. Life is great as a family of four and you feel settled in with the chaos that comes with a busy family. The one thing that I have learned is that with children, chaos is infinite and that brings us to… Three: Now for those of you reading this that do not have children and would like to, you may or may not want to read what follows. So let us review. One child equals some ease a regular functioning adult life. Two children means a bit more work, but you have equal parental responsibility and the workload can be managed. Now we come to three. Remember how the love expands, well that expansion does come with some added logistical difficulties. My wife and I have three loving male humans and our life is - busy. When you go out as a family, there aren’t deals at an attractions for five people and your mode of transportation becomes a bit challenging. Our car is now cramped with kids, their stuff, and snacks, but we do manage to get around. When we are out as a family, you can tend to hear us before you see us. Our ice cream stamp card gets filled rather fast. We tend to get the “ you are brave people” from other parents that encounter us. Being a family of five in 2015 seems like a big family, and it is indeed. We love every minute of what our days bring and I would encourage families who are debating having more than one to take the leap - if you have the fortitude. I will say in closing to those that have more than three children, I bow to your parental prowess and wish you all the best, even if I think you are off your rocker. Written by Kelly Carrington – Registered Massage Therapist and Certified Doula

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