Skinfix is the first clean and clinically active skincare brand that is tested, recommended (and personally used), by unbiased dermatologists to promote optimal skin barrier health.

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Caitlin's Story

Receiving testimonials from people whose lives have been changed because of Skinfix is incredibly heartwarming. Read on for Caitlin's story. I am a new mom and am very cautious of what products I use on my baby. I have tried a few different “natural” baby washes that are on the market and I noticed that my daughter who normally loves the water, (I can dunk her right under at the pool or dump water over her head without a tear), cries and tries to get out of the tub every time I would wash her hair. It wasn’t until I started using SkinFix Gentle Hair and Body Wash that I realized these supposedly “tear-free” products were the culprit. Now when I wash her hair with SkinFix GHBW I am amazed at her reaction, (or lack thereof), she doesn’t cry or try to get away she just continues splashing and playing with her toys, thanks SkinFix for making bath time truly “tear free”! Your products grace every bathroom in our home!

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