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Eczema. A global epidemic.

A recent article on Dailymail.UK caught our eye and focuses on how prevalent the eczema epidemic has become on a global level. The triggers for eczema reach all corners of the world, regardless of what climate you live in: Stress, food allergies, chemical irritants like fragrance and sulfates in cleansers, air that is too dry or cold from the weather outside, or from our indoor heaters and air conditioners. As the article states, one of the best courses of action for treatment is to apply rich emollient topical creams and ointments. The Skinfix healing balms for eczema like Body Repair Balm and Gentle Eczema Balm are based off of a 150-year-old recipe that was formulated in the UK. Their ultra-rich textures offer immediate relief for some of the toughest eczema out there.

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