Skinfix is the first clean and clinically active skincare brand that is tested, recommended (and personally used), by unbiased dermatologists to promote optimal skin barrier health.

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Looking for a Sign

I’m a lot of things – mom of young girls, daughter of aging parents, runner. But one thing I know is I’m not a doctor and I don’t even play one on TV. So, when I shop for products for my kids, myself or my parents I look to the experts to help me make more educated, informed decisions. Whether by a recommendation from our pediatrician for medicine for my young girls, or a seal approval from the Canadian Federation of Podiatry Medicine for my mom’s dry, cracked feet - I’m looking for help to identify products of exceptional quality. CFPM Seal of Approval-FINALHow often have you stood in an aisle at the pharmacy looking at multiple products and wondered which one is the best to choose? We look for a sign…any sign. Just when you’re about to give up and leave without any relief you see an endorsement from a respected health care community that knows your condition. Ah, now that is helpful, right? Someone else has done the hard work of practicing the science, testing the product, and evaluating efficacy so you don’t have to on every product. Recently Skinfix’s Healing Foot & Leg Balm was approved by the Canadian Federation of Podiatry Medicine to carry its seal of approval. After scientific testing and evaluation, the masters of Canadian foot health agreed that Skinfix Healing Foot & Leg Balm was worthy of carrying the sign of quality in podiatry medicine. We also go through a lot of rigor to make sure we carry the Dermatologist Tested seal of approval on our OTC products. Skinfix works, and we have the endorsement of recognized organizations to prove it. Skinfix is not only earning accolades in the beauty marketplace but also in the medical arena too! Marcia Walsh, Sr. Manager Professional Sales & Marketing

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