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National Eczema Association’s Itching For A Cure Walk Recap

Guest Contributor Deborah Coleman was one of the first employees to join the Skinfix Team. After she tried the product on her eczema and saw that it really worked, she knew she had to join the company to spread the word. Deborah leads industry relations at Skinfix with organizations like the Canadian Diabetes Association & National Eczema Association. unnamed-6 This month I travelled to California to attend the National Eczema Association’s Itching For A Cure Walk. I’ve always been moved by the stories and testimonials we hear from patients living with eczema, but, it wasn’t until I met eczema sufferers first hand that I had a true understanding of what it’s like to live with this condition. From the young family who had to leave Disney early due to an outbreak, to the husband and wife planning their honeymoon in need of emergency travel relief, I was so touched by their positive outlooks and attitudes. A bad outbreak still couldn’t take the smiles of their faces that day. You can feel the true sense of community at the NEA. People supporting one another to raise awareness- from young babies to grandparents, people were out to show their support for their loved ones living with eczema. It was truly an experience I will never forget. I’m proud to support raising eczema awareness as we get one-step closer to finding a cure for this condition.

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