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Pregnancy Shifts

One conversation I seem to have with all of my pregnant friends, or women who have gone down this long journey, is about the changes to our lives while we’re pregnant. For me, everything shifts – and I’m not just talking about my hips. Few examples - I’m never a huge fan of perfumes and heavily scented candles, but when I’m pregnant - I can’t stand them. I always love peanut butter M&Ms but right now, if my husband forgets to bring a bag home from the store it’s non-negotiable that one of us is going back to the store, and likely it isn’t me. Sorry Pete! I also shift my work outs – from hot sculpting yoga, to a more calm Barre class. I’m also pretty dedicated to buying natural beauty products and organic foods. However, when I’m pregnant or nursing, I try to be extra conscientious. I have to say, five years ago when I was pregnant with my first, I had a hard time finding products that were free of hash chemicals outside of the natural food stores. And usually the smell of the stores alone drove me nuts. Today, my Target store has everything I need from head to toe. And, what’s more, turns out these products don’t make my thin hair stringy, or lotion that feels oily. Happily, outside of the food court area, the stores smell just fine! Here are some of my must- dos/haves now at 20 weeks:
  • Peanut butter M&Ms
  • Homemade cleaner – white vinegar and water. Cleans everything!
  • Skinfix Daily Lotion and Hand Repair Cream
  • Sparkling water with lime or lemon – feels like a treat!
  • Hair Food Hair Mask
  • Acure daily face lotion
  • Stretchy pants, obviously.
  • Pure Barre classes, expensive but worth it!
What are your tricks to making pregnancy that help you stay sane and feel good? I love hearing what other people do to keep the long road of pregnancy healthy and fun! By Laura Conlon, Vice President Integrated Media at Skinfix Inc.

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