Skinfix is the first clean and clinically active skincare brand that is tested, recommended (and personally used), by unbiased dermatologists to promote optimal skin barrier health.

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We Believe in Healthy Skin!

My name is Amy and I am fortunate enough to be the CEO of Skinfix. I first discovered Skinfix in January 2012. I was impressed with the amazing formula of the heritage healing balm, and captivated by the hundreds of poignant testimonials from grateful customers for whom Skinfix had made a huge difference in the health of their skin. I am thrilled to work with an amazing group of women who are passionate about our mission and purpose: to offer natural, clinically proven, dermatologist recommended products to help heal irritated skin conditions for all ages. Skinfix is a Canadian company that makes healing balms and daily care products that treat skin’s most vexing conditions. We are steadfast in our commitment to conquer skin irritations. And we believe…   We believe in healthy skin.... At Skinfix we believe that healthy skin is possible. While we don’t suggest that a topical skincare product can cure all skin conditions, we believe that an effective topical product can help a lot. Skinfix products use a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, emollient oils and powerful, active, natural pharmaceutical grade ingredients that restore the lipids, protect the skin barrier and heal - all at once. And we do it all without fragrance, irritants, and most importantly, WITHOUT STEROIDS. We believe healthy skin can be a reality, and Skinfix can help!   We believe healthy skin lifts the spirit… Our testimonials tell the story of customers who have suffered with skin conditions. These conditions can be painful, irritating, embarrassing…and can affect quality of life. Our customers tell us how achieving healthy skin has made them happier, more confident and more positive. It’s amazing what healthy skin can do to lift the spirit!   We believe in nature’s pharmacy…. The Skinfix formula was created over 150 years ago, when synthetics and chemical ingredients didn’t exist. Our original compound chemist relied on nature’s pharmacy to create the most effective product he could to treat eczema, dermatitis and rashes. It’s amazing to us that, despite 150 years and scientific advances in technical skincare ingredients, Mr. Dixon’s formula is still one of the most effective topical treatment on the market….dare we say in the world! Mother nature….you are amazing.   We believe in strength… Our inventor, Mr. Dixon, didn't skimp on powerful natural active ingredients when he compounded the first Skinfix balm in 1850. Many folks have told us that we could make it cheaper if we used less of the expensive ingredients. Some suggested we decrease the level of our actives so as to avoid having to get approval from Health Canada or the FDA (which is required when you are an active, natural, over-the-counter remedy like we are). There sure are a lot of hoops we have to jump through to prove the efficacy and safety of our formulas. We spend a great deal of time and money testing them and vetting them through our friends in regulatory agencies. But, excuse me, isn’t that the point? Aren’t the formulas supposed to work? We don’t just sprinkle in the minimum dose (1%) of colloidal oatmeal to make a “treats eczema” claim…no sir….we load ‘er up with four natural, active ingredients plus a whack of emollient, soothing and protective ingredients… just like Mr. Dixon did. We believe in strength…strength in numbers.   We believe in showing some skin…. So many of our customers tell a story of dreading shirts that bare their arms, or, eeek…a bathing suit that exposes the stubborn eczema hidden in the crook of their knees. Insecurity and self-consciousness beware!!! Skinfix is here to clear the way…because we believe in showing some skin!   We believe in sticking to our knitting…. At Skinfix we believe our mission is treating skin’s most vexing conditions. We promise to never sell you a wrinkle cream. We believe in consistency…in practice makes perfect…in sticking to your knitting! We are the experts in irritated skin.   We believe in simplicity… Our ingredients have real names, of real things, like “sweet almond oil”. Maybe we’re not creative enough to come up with a whizzy ingredient complex that we can trademark like “skinosome” or “whackadoodle”. But we like it straight up. We believe in simplicity.   We believe in the power of touch…. Maybe the simple act of applying Skinfix to your baby…or an elderly loved one facing mobility challenges…helps the healing process. The power of touch is potent. Go on, Skinfix someone you love!   We believe in healthy skin.... We believe it’s possible… Believe with us....   We love healing skin.   Sincerely, Amy

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