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Skinfxi ChemistIf you have eczema or sensitive skin and you are “shopping with your nose” for products, please think again! Fragrance and scents in skincare, whether they are added perfume or natural aromatic oils like lavender and eucalyptus for example, are some of the top skin sensitizers that can cause flare-ups and irritation. At Skinfix, we take this to heart when formulating our products, because when we say “NO added fragrance” on our labels, we actually mean it. The fact that fragrance is a known irritant for skin is well documented within the dermatological community and is the cornerstone of product ingredient regulations for the National Eczema Society. Topping the list of “NOs” on the NEA website is fragrance and natural aromatic oils. If you have a product that has a fragrance component, they will not let you submit an application for their seal of approval. The NEA means business and so does Skinfix. However, when we say no added fragrance on our labels, it doesn’t necessarily mean our products don’t have a scent or odor to them. Many of our natural super skin healers like shea butter, or some of our natural oils have an inherit scent in their raw state. Our Hand Repair Cream is a perfect example of this. When someone tries this product on their hands and starts to rub it in, the first thing they will do is put their hand up to their nose and smell it. The first thing I tell people when trying it is “there’s no added fragrance in it and what you are smelling are the natural ingredients.” When I explain this, people with chronic irritated skin actually understand because there aren’t many choices out there for products that are truly fragrance-free. We are finding loyal Skinfix customers are truly thankful and relieved that they can use our skincare products without cause for worry. But, even if they aren’t sensitive to fragrance, having products without it on the ingredient list does have its benefits. A truly unfragranced product lets the user smell like themselves and won’t compete with their favorite designer fragrance if they do decide to wear one. By Francine Krenicki, our Senior Vice President of Product Development here at Skinfix

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