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Summer Skin Tune Up

Summer is finally upon us and with that comes chic strappy sandals, light, boho-style dresses and wide- rimmed, rattan sun hats. It’s also the perfect time to freshen up our skincare routine so we can bare it all with confidence! Lighten up your moisturizer Your skin may have been craving thick creams to compete with the dry, winter cold, but warmer temperatures scream for lighter textures so swap out those heavy moisturizers for something light and fresh. Amp up your SPF During summer months, try switching to a foundation with an SPF for added protection and peace of mind! Natural zinc oxide is our personal favorite Soften your pout Keep lips soft and smooth with a lip balm infused with natural skin conditioners like coconut and jojoba oil. It’ll give you a boost of hydration and a subtle summer sheen to boot! Drink up! This one is worth repeating. Drink your way to a healthy complexion and soft skin all over by sipping water throughout the day. Add a squeeze of lemon for a little extra tang ( and a healthy dose of vitamin C!)

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