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Talking About Skin: Skinfix Customers Share Their Stories

At Skinfix we believe that natural fabulous skin is possible for everyone. I recently joined the Skinfix team and one perk is getting to read all the great fan mail we get. On a daily basis we hear from real people telling us their skin woes and how one of our balms, lotions, washes or creams actually made a difference. Take a look at these inspiring testimonials and if you have story to tell – we want to hear it! Eczema and the Sandbox We moved to South Carolina, from Ohio 4 years ago, hoping to get Nick's eczema out of the winter weather so that his hands could heal. I got a sample of the Skinfix Gentle Eczema Balm in my Birchbox and thought I would try it. In one day, his hands seemed better, not red, or cracked open. I kept up the applications during the evening hours, after bath. Each morning they kept getting better, and better and BETTER!!!! Nick is rushing home to tell me all about playing in the SANDBOX! When your hands are constantly sore, chapped, and raw...the LAST thing you want to do is get near SAND. He's so happy! THANK YOU Skinfix. M. Margosian The happiest mommy on the earth! Dry Spots Vanish I am a 41 year old African American male and have been suffering from dry, flaky skin and eczema for years. I started using Skinfix Daily Lotion and applied it to my face and hands and loved that there was no fragrance and the ease at which it went on. I loved that a little goes a long way and the way it made my skin feel. After the application, the dry spots went away immediately, like all other lotions, but I was curious to see how long it would take for the dry spot spots come back. Well that was over two weeks ago! This stuff really works - thank you! C. Scott, PhD. Finally Some Relief I have tried every kind of super potent steroid and I have had a lingering hand eczema, which has slowly continued to progress over approximately 2 years. I have tried Aquaphor, Prid's Salve, CeraVe, every kind of Eucerin, and all other lotions promising to calm eczema. Skinfix Body Repair Balm is the first product that has worked for me. It is amazing! Skinfix Customer Staying on top of diaper rashes I recently had a baby and needed a cream for a minor diaper rash. I tried Penatin and Sudocream but nothing worked. My mom, a post-partum doula, was given some samples of Skinfix Diaper Rash and suggested that I try it. After only ONE use, and a layer SO thin, the rash disappeared! THANK YOU for an amazing product!! Skinfix Customer By Natasha Compton, Senior Director of PR, Skinfix

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