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The “Unmentionables" of Skin Care

The skincare market is primarily focused on the “fountain of youth.”  Barraging us with the latest technology to smooth skin and banish lines and wrinkles.  While all of this proves for big business and makes some of us just feel better about aging, it’s time to take a different approach to our skin and how we keep it healthy.  After all, it’s our largest organ and there are a lot of uncomfortable skin situations going on from the neck down that no other product line is addressing head on, or fixing effectively in a safe way.  If your body is riddled with itchy uncomfortable rashes, do crow’s feet really matter? At Skinfix, we like to call these skin conditions the Unmentionables.  We use this term to refer to just about any kind of skin irritation that turns up on the body that can be too personal and embarrassing to discuss.  The more we talk to consumers, the more the list of Unmentionables keeps growing.  There’s the obvious and extremely common outbreak of Eczema that takes no prisoners and shows up even on tender babies and can plague many adults chronically for a lifetime.  Eczema is very personal and statistically can and will show up on you, a loved one or dear friend.  Another big one we hear about is rashes. These show up on babies for obvious reasons, but as the population ages adults are suffering from rashes now more than ever.  A quick stroll down the adult incontinence isle in your nearest drug store is proof that aging skin needs are changing, and at Skinfix we have products to help. Chafing is another one that tops the list.  It’s very situational and can turn up in uncomfortable places. Bra straps too tight, skin folds from a few extra pounds, thighs rubbing, chafing from extreme sports, etc. When Amy Regan, our President at Skinfix, and I did a trade show recently, people stopped by our booth and were really curious about our products and what we were trying to do. As the day went on we were three men deep and turned our little product demonstration into a skincare confessional!  Stories about the odd skin rash or recent Eczema breakout were flying at us. It became quite obvious that we are on to something and spent the day diligently listening to the average person talk about their chronic skin conditions that have bothered them for years. We proudly gave product samples to each and every person and as expected they all came back the next day and thanked us!  From that point on we decided it’s time to start talking about uncomfortable skin problems or Unmentionables without shame and embarrassment because apparently a lot of people are listening. Francine Krenicki is Vice President of Product Development at Skinfix, Inc.  

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