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Having trouble finding your Skinfix favorites?

Having trouble finding your Skinfix favorites?

We’re new on the outside, but the same lovable Skin Nerds on the inside. You may have noticed we refreshed our packaging and product names. Our new names reflect the skin conditions we treat and we’ve included a collection guide below to make sure you get your hands on your all-time Skinfix favorites. Skin Nerds need to stick together!

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Triple Lipid Boost

Triple Lipid Hyaluronate Serum

Triple Lipid Peptide Cream

Triple Lipid Peptide Lotion

Nutrient Water Misting Tonic

Lipid Boost Body Cream


AHA Renewing Cream

Glycolic Renewing Scrub



Extra Strength Body Cream

Foaming Oil Body Wash

Targeted Body Balm

Redness Recovery

Antioxidant Eye Treatment

Antioxidant Redness Mask

RemedyMiracle 911


Tattoo Aftercare Balm


I too want the soothing lotion I don’t really know the difference of the cream and the lotion but I have purchased so many creams and lotions that do not work I am afraid to purchase another. I don’t have eczema I do have psoriasis and that soothing lotion helped what is your expert recommendation?
Cindi 27/10/2019

Hi Kate & Sandra – We made the difficult decision to discontinue both our Ultra Rich Hand Cream and the Hand Relief Cream and at this time do not have plans to bring it back. Our award-winning eczema+ Hand Repair Cream is our only hand cream available at this time. Please email info@skinfix.com if you have any other questions or concerns.

Skinfix 24/10/2019

I have been trying to find your Skinfix Ultra Rich Hand cream. I had purchased it in Target last year and have been unable to find it again. Has this product been discontinued? I hope not, it is the best cream I have found for my dry chapped hands!

Kate 09/10/2019
Sandra Broschinsky

What happened to the hand relief cream? It worked the best on my dry, cracked hands. It worked better than the eczema cream. Very sad I can’t find it.

Sandra Broschinsky 09/10/2019

Hi Elise – unfortunately we made the decision to discontinue some of our products and Soothing Lotion was one of them. I know you said you don’t want cream, but our Soothing Body Cream is pretty amazing! We definitely don’t want any wallowing in rashes!! We want to help. Please email Maggie on our customer service team at info@skinfix.com. She’s waiting for your email. We’ll figure out a way to tackle these rashes together.

Skinfix 10/09/2019

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