From soaking up the sun’s harmful rays, to swimming in chlorine-laden pools, the easy breeziness of summer can be a demanding workout for your skin. Here are a few ‘fixes’ to help your skin bounce back from its summer hangover, and get ready for fall. Exfoliate Just like trees shedding their leaves, it’s time to slough off dry dead skin cells. Of course, we love Skinfix Renewing Scrub – a natural, citrus scented scrub that works magic in the shower. A unique blend of natural exfoliating bamboo and 7% glycolic with 6% lactic acids buff skin to smooth, preparing the skin to absorb maximum hydration. And that’s where our Renewing Cream steps in. Power wash Natural oil washes replenish the moisture in your skin barrier instead of stripping your skin like soap does. Allure award winner, Skinfix Soothing Wash uses a nutrient-rich combination of jojoba, grape seed and aloe leaf juice to replenish your skin’s moisture barrier – leaving skin looking plumped and feeling pumped. See ya later, bumpy gator. Did too many rounds of golf or tennis leave you with alligator legs? Or are you prone to pesky bumps on the back of your legs? Hydrate and exfoliate your gams back to glam with a daily, hydrating cream packed with botanicals, minerals and 6 natural fruit acids. Skinfix Renewing Cream is is the ultimate skin smoother for dry, rough and bumpy skin. The extremities call for extreme. Don’t neglect the hard working skin on your elbows, knees and feet. Reach for a thicker hydration solution like Skinfix 12 Hour Miracle Ointment. Extra protective (and hard to pronounce) natural ingredients like cupuaçu butter create a barrier to prevent moisture loss, and pamper dry rough skin.
July 30, 2018