The dictionary defines renew as ‘to give fresh life or strength to’, but we also like to think of it as re-establishing a healthy relationship with your skin. Worked into your daily routine, the Skinfix Renewing Duo is a simple way to buff, hydrate, and honor your entire body.

Our innovative Renewing Scrub and daily exfoliating Renewing Cream duo are formulated with active ingredients at their active levels to immediately transform dry, rough, bumpy, and Keratosis Pilaris prone skin. So, how simple is it? It was designed by busy women, for busy women. Before you head into the shower, let’s talk about exfoliation – namely the difference between chemical and physical exfoliation.

Most people think ‘grit’ when they hear the word scrub – but we prefer the word ‘polishers’. Biodegradable, bamboo micro-particle polishers to be precise. Bamboo acts like a natural brush to gently whisk away, rough, dry skin patches. But here’s where paying attention in chemistry class comes in. We formulate our Renewing Scrub with Alpha hydroxy acids derived from natural fruit sources like Australian Lime Pearl extract to accelerate the skin’s renewing process.

Other Alpha hydroxy acids, like non-dairy, plant-derived Lactic acid, is formulated at 5.6% clinically active. It goes to work immediately, giving a soft feel to your skin. Dermatologists love Glycolic acid because of its ability to penetrate the skin. Our blend is derived from Sugar Maple – because we’re Canadian – and at 7% clinically active – is most effective for dealing with fine lines and dullness. Citric acid – yep, the lemon and lime kind – smoothes and evens out the skin’s appearance, as well as adding a dash of tang to your gin and tonic. And Malic acid, also derived from Sugar Maple, acts like a humectant to improve skin moisturization.

Last but not least is the big dog of acids – Beta Hydroxy. We formulate with Willowbark Extract, a natural, salicylic acid that is oil soluble, so it penetrates deep into the skin. But don’t go jumping into the shower just yet, because watered down ingredients aren’t our thing. Our Renewing Scrub is pre-shower, meaning you slather it all over your body before turning on the tap. The luxuriously creamy formula goes to work instantly, so you can rinse off as soon as you’re covered from head to manicured toe. Dry off and reach for Renewing Cream. Another two-in-one peel and polish formula, provides deep hydration and effective exfoliation in one step. Our 99% female headquarters think of everything. The unique blend of natural moisturizers like Shea Butter, Coconut, Sweet Almond and Jojoba oils – together with AHA/BHA acids you find in our Renewing Scrub – gently exfoliates and moisturizes to reveal younger, smoother skin. Skinfix wants you to be the very best, renewed you. Take a moment and change things up with this clean, conscious, revolutionary duo.

October 18, 2018