At Skinfix we believe in being kind to your skin. Your skin is an incredible organ: It keeps you hydrated, it defends against aggressors, it signals when something is hot or cold, it supports internal wellness, its ripples and grooves help express our emotions, its lines tell our story, its surface stimulates the enjoyment of human touch. Our skin can help heal itself if given the right nutrients, environment, protection, encouragement, and time.

At Skinfix, we believe in being kind to our skin barrier. In this instant gratification society, we want immediate results. We want our skin to glow… yesterday. We strip it, scrape it, peel it. Sometimes short-term gain creates long term pain. Exfoliation can certainly help encourage the skin to renew itself – a process that slows down naturally as we age. Chemical exfoliants and gentle physical exfoliants can help give skin cells a nudge. Deep lasers and other treatments can help stimulate collagen and support the health of the skin barrier. A healthy skin barrier is about balance. It’s about kindness. We can be too aggressive and impatient with our skin. We can overdo it and cause inflammation and irritation. Ultimately, inflammation is counter-productive and can accelerate the aging process.

At Skinfix, we formulate with actives and nutrients that support the skin barrier and help it to heal. We buffer our actives with skin barrier loving lipids that deliver them deep into the skin while nourishing and protecting the barrier. Ultimately, a healthy skin barrier will function better. Our goal is long term skin barrier health and wellness – supporting our skin barrier to do what it innately knows how to do. A healthy skin barrier will work better, feel better, look better, period. Practice kindness when it comes to your skin barrier. Respect this vital organ for the genius that it is.

xx Amy
Founder & Total Skin Nerd

October 23, 2019