Did you know that atopic skin (skin that is predisposed to a hypersensitivity reaction, often a hereditary condition like hereditary eczema), is often unable to produce adequate amounts of certain ceramides?

Ceramides constitute the largest quantity of lipids in the skin barrier (40-50%). Inadequate production of ceramides can create a compromised stratum corneum that doesn’t effectively hold moisture in, nor adequately defend against microbes.

The Skinfix barrier+ products were created to nourish the skin barrier and improve its health and function. The barrier+ regimen is clinically proven to increase skin barrier lipids (including vital ceramides). Not only do we put nourishing lipids on the skin, but we have also clinically proven that we increase those lipids IN the skin. An increase in lipids (including vital ceramides), means smoother, more elastic, more radiant skin. And it can also help to reduce outbreaks and flare-ups of atopic skin issues that are related to skin barrier dysfunction.

xx Amy

Founder & Total Skin Nerd

November 05, 2019