We believe in integrity...

The original Skinfix healing balm was created by pharmacist Thomas Dixon in Yorkshire England in 1870. The anhydrous balm was packed with natural, clean, British pharmacopeia grade ingredients at high concentrations – intended to soothe and help heal skin irritation.

The creator's family emigrated to Canada in the early 1900's, and continued to make the product and sell it directly from their home. Over the decades, the family amassed testimonials from people who used the magical balm to treat serious skin issues; including diabetic foot ulcers, lichen sclerosis, eczema and even stubborn diaper rashes.

I was captivated by the formula, and inspired by its power to truly help heal skin, and improve lives. When I discovered the Skinfix magic formula, it was classified as an over the counter drug (OTC) due to its high level of pharmaceutical actives. Peers in the beauty industry advised me to take these active ingredients down below their active levels to avoid strict regulatory and manufacturing requirements associated with OTC products. “You can still say with x, y and z ingredients,” they said. I did not take this advice.

There was no way I was prepared to take this amazing formula that had proven efficacy at healing skin – and make it less effective. The voices of those testimonials rang in my ears. I chose the harder, more expensive, (and some would say foolish) path of manufacturing an OTC product.

The Skinfix team and I often laugh that no brand has emulated Skinfix because no one would undertake such a difficult task! Manufacturing medically active formulas, (and then clinically validating them), is typically reserved for the big, multinationals!

But this Indie brand is crazy committed to product integrity.

xx Amy

Founder & Total Skin Nerd

October 04, 2019