The phrase, “first do no harm” is widely attributed to the Hippocratic oath – an oath of ethics sworn by physicians for centuries. Skinfix pledges this oath to you and your skin. This means ensuring that we nurture and care for the precious barrier, even when we meet your skin at its most distressed.

We don’t believe in waging chemical warfare on your precious barrier. We believe that the intelligent skin barrier is adept at healing itself, if given the right nutrients, lipids, antioxidants and protection. Skinfix formulas are safe for even the most sensitive skin. We use a high level of actives at their clinically active levels (or above), to tackle tough skin challenges like keratosis pilaris, rosacea and hyperpigmentation. We buffer those actives in bio-identical lipids, nutritious oils and protective butters; so that they slow release to help calm and cure; without inflammation or irritation.

When we clinically test our formulas, we recruit people who have a flare-up of the condition that we are trying to treat. I know this sounds like common sense, but it is costly and challenging. It’s difficult to recruit for people who are in the midst of an eczema, rosacea or KP flare-up. As you can imagine, people with super sensitive or reactive skin are hesitant to join a skincare trial. It’s essential that we test on compromised skin in order to confirm that our products are safe and effective. We diligently and consciously avoid irritants (we have a long list of ingredients we avoid), and always safety test products before initiating any trial. We also monitor the respondents closely for any adverse reactions. Our goal is to confirm that our formulas are overwhelmingly safe, and validated as clinically effective. We take our responsibility very seriously – to care for your skin and help return it to a state of health and wellness – while respecting the precious barrier and doing no harm in the process.

xx Amy
Founder & Total Skin Nerd

October 05, 2019