The lipid barrier (also referred to as the skin barrier, moisture barrier, or permeability barrier), is the outermost layer of our skin’s surface. You can imagine the skin barrier as a brick wall; where the cells are the bricks, and the mortar that holds the wall together contains vital lipids (ceramides, cholesterols and fatty acids).

The skin barrier performs the critical function of keeping essential water and electrolytes inside the body, and as a protective barrier to keep harmful micro-organisms out. The skin barrier supports the skin’s immunity and regulates inflammation. Clinical studies conducted in the last several years are connecting the health of the lipid barrier with the likelihood we will suffer food allergies, asthma, heart disease and even Alzheimers.

More than ever, we are understanding the criticality of keeping the lipid barrier healthy and functioning as a key factor in total wellness. We hear a lot about how our skin reflects our internal wellness. We eat clean, take supplements, drink water, and get adequate sleep so that our skin glows from the inside out. But the science underscores the importance of a healthy, functioning skin barrier at mitigating internal inflammation and keeping us healthy from the outside in.

So hydrate from head to toe! That vital barrier doesn’t end at your neck! 

xx Amy

Founder & Total Skin Nerd

October 08, 2019